I Just Opened An Etsy Shop

How It Began, My Vision, and Why You Should Check It Out



Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

How It Began

If you’ve been following along and reading my stories, you know one of my hobbies is creating art.

I wrote a story about a non-toxic method to clean oil paint off of paintbrushes and a story about if acrylic painting is better than oil painting. TzeLin Sam commented on how it would be great if I can share some pictures of my paintings to the readers, and I’ve thought about it.

I have participated in several Reddit gift exchanges and enjoyed learning about and personalizing gifts for others.

Since 2019, I’ve created and sold pig mystery boxes through a social marketplace.

Starting 2020, I started painting again. I created custom paintings for family members.

My interest in the arts and craft and custom gifts led me to creating an Etsy shop.

My Vision

Back in college, I remembered my mom mailed me a care package. I got a work study job and needed a second form of ID from the I-9 list, so she mailed me that along with two mooncakes. The mooncakes were totally unexpected.

Photo by Renato Marques on Unsplash

This care package was personalized for me, because I enjoy eating mooncakes. At the moment, I felt touched about the thoughtful care package. Something as simple as two mooncakes brought me joy.

I want to re-create that experience for others. I ultimately want to fulfill locally sourced care packages that can be customized for any person or occasion to spread joy worldwide.

For now, on Etsy, I’ve started small and created a few listings. I may expand to offer more depending on the demand and if I have the bandwidth to fulfill additional orders.

One of the listings is for a custom acrylic painting of any animal you want.

I may explore other mediums like watercolor and oil pastels in the future. In case you’re wondering, I am currently not offering oil painting, because it takes time to dry, and consequently, this…




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