Sometimes Brand Name Matters

There’s Value in Brand Recognition

3 min readMay 1, 2022


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For schools, there is a prestige attached to the brand name schools.

For food, the brand name version, though pricier, is established and trusted for taste and quality.

For material goods, the brand name is established and valued more. It’s easier to sell, and you get a higher payout.

I learned this from selling on thredUP.

I was also reminded of this when I visited a couple of music shops to check out their violins.

The no name brand violins have no resell value.

The owner of music shop I recently visited mentioned the cheap violins sold online are poor quality.

He explained the manufactured violins have bridges that are not cut right. Replacing with a fitted bridge and having the violin restrung would cost $90.

Photo by Lucia Macedo on Unsplash

I was appalled that a small piece of wood can cost that much money. Maybe it includes the cost of labor for cutting the wood and stringing the violin?

The lowest priced violin that he had available was a used brand name violin with dominant strings for about $500. Even with 2 small blemishes, I cannot believe it can still be valued that much.

Though I did not end up purchasing that $500 violin, I see online and in stores that there is value in brand number items.

It can be an investment to have a brand name violin to begin with and not having to upgrade later on.

Sometimes you pay for what you get.

Last year I purchased a no name brand violin online for less than $100. Not only was it hard to tune the violin, it was a challenge to assemble the violin, because the bridge did not have pre-cut slits.




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