The Aha! Moment

Chapter 15 of ‘The Mystery of the Blue Book’

3 min readJun 17, 2022


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If you haven’t already read chapter 14 yet, here is the link to chapters 14.

After I finished my cereal, I headed up to my room. I opened the blue book to the page with the picture of the three girls. I could not help but feel distracted by the whole déjà vu feeling at church this morning. Why did this little girl look so familiar? Where have I seen a little girl with long wavy brown hair?

I now looked at the picture in the blue book. My eyes widen when I saw the tan skin girl with long wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She had long wavy brown hair like the little girl at the church! What about this girl at the church make me feel I’ve known her?

All I remember that happen was that these two men were talking about Ysabel’s. Wait! Ysabel! I face-palmed myself. How could I forget?! Ysabel was my childhood friend! Why was Ysabel standing in front of tree with two other girls? Who are the other two girls? I know! I’ve seen a tree before. That was the tree house in my dream! It all makes sense now.

Katy was the girl in the picture with long straight blonde hair and blue eyes, and I was the girl in the picture with pale skin and long straight black hair with brown eyes. No wonder the names Ysabel and Katy were familiar when I heard Katy introduced herself as the waitress at Ysabel’s! Ysabel and Katy were my childhood friends! No wonder the little girl in my dreams cried! She was Katy.

From left to right, the three girls standing in front of the tree were Katy, Emily (Me), and Ysabel,

K, E, and Y.

K.E.Y.! That was why key was spelled that way! What does the golden key open though?!

I’ll ask Katy and Ysabel. Katy and Ysabel lived miles away from where I live now. I would call them, but I don’t have their numbers. Plane tickets are so expensive, so I can’t just hop on a plane to visit them. I’ll write to Katy and Ysabel!




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