Why I Turned Down an Opportunity to be on a Game Show

2 min readJan 29, 2022

I was recently presented with an opportunity to be on a game show.

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

At first, I was excited about it. I submitted an application I’m not sure how long ago. I didn’t think I would hear back.

I doubt this was legit. I searched the number, but it didn’t come up as a scam number.

I thought why not? Practicing the game over Zoom can be fun. I texted that number that I’m interested. The next day I got a text about what I needed to do and an email with a link to an unlisted Youtube video on how to play the game and a link to a playlist of the current season’s episodes.

This was becoming more real. I needed to find team members and provide a date and time to arrange a zoom meeting.

The problem was who did I know who would have the time and is willing to be on the game show.

I thought about asking my former roommate and floormate from college. I then thought they’re probably too busy, and it would be weird to reach out to them out of the blue after all these years and ask if they wanted to be on the game show with me.

The other problem was when filming happens, it will not be from home. I did not look forward to the traffic and commute to get there and back home. I was also not ready to be on set with my mask off with the pandemic is still happening.

On top of the logistics, I questioned my competence. I felt I did not know enough to do well. My mind wandered to all the bad what if scenarios. What if I blank and make a fool out of myself? What if someone I know sees the episode I am on or a stranger recognizes me from the show?

Because of the challenge and burden of involving others and the risk of going out during pandemic, coupled with my self-doubt, I ended up texting that number letting them know I’m no longer interested.

If you read this far, thank you for reading! Have you ever been presented a once in a lifetime opportunity that you ended up turning down?


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