Two Weeks Progress | Views, Reads, Fans, Earnings

2 min readDec 20, 2021
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I joined Medium about a year ago (when it wasn’t required to have 100 followers to monetize stories), but I started writing and posting daily on Medium 2 weeks ago. So far I have 15 stories published on Medium.

Before I discuss my stats, I want to thank you for reading and following! I’m currently at 44 followers. 56 followers to go until I reach 100. Goal is to reach 100 by end of 2021.

The first story I posted was last year:

Self-Reflection of 2020

Starting from the least recent, here are the stories I’ve posted since 2 weeks ago:

  1. Blogmas Days 1 to 5 | 100 Followers Goal
  2. Blogmas Day 6 | Violin, Secret Santa Shopping for a Gen Z
  3. Blogmas Day 7 | Work, Life, Food Cravings
  4. Blogmas Day 8 | Nosy People, Tea Subscription
  5. Thoughts on Follow for Follow and Monetizing
  6. Blogmas Days 9 and 10 | Blogging, IT Issues, Shopping, Weather
  7. Blogmas Day 11 | Hellos and Goodbyes | Reddit Secret Santa 2021 Finale
  8. Blogmas Day 12 | Cleaning a Giant Stuffed Animal
  9. Blogmas Day 13 | Be Positive
  10. Blogmas Day 14 | It’s Raining
  11. What is Beautiful?
  12. Take a Step Back
  13. Sick and Using the Same Home Remedies for a Clogged Toilet
  14. Is Geometry Class Important in High School?

Now for the stats:

Screenshot of my stats as of 12/19/21

I think Medium adds up the views and reads from my stories and responses. My views and reads on my stories is about 30% of what’s presented in the graph.

Most internally viewed story: What is Beautiful?

Most externally viewed story: Blogmas Day 11 | Hellos and Goodbyes | Reddit Secret Santa 2021 Finale

As far as earnings, I only earned from the 2 aforementioned stories. I made less than 10 cents. I think internal views have higher conversion rate? Even though my “Blogmas Day 11” story has higher read:view ratio and high reads, I’m earning more from my “What is Beautiful” story.

If you read this far, thanks for reading! Have you monetized your stories? How is it going for you?


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